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Portrait of the High School of Commerce

The High School of Commerce (Scuola cantonale di commercio - SCC), founded in 1895, is the only high school of commerce of the canton of Ticino.

An important characteristic of the SCC is that after a four-year curriculum, which is parallel to that of the other high schools of the canton, the students obtain two certificates: a Cantonal High School Leaving Certificate in Commerce and Business and a Federal Certificate in Administration (attestato federale di capacità di impiegato di commercio – AFC).

The High School Leaving Certificate enables students to enroll, without entry exams,  both in most faculties of the universities in Switerzland and abroad (see list), in several curricula of the Universities of Applied Sciences and in the Alta Scuola Pedagogica del Canton Ticino (Department of teacher training – SUPSI).

These certificates also provide the qualifications to access the professional world,  and particularly the areas of the administration of the service sector.

The Plan of Studies of the SCC garantees a thorough general education. Business Economics, Political Economy, Law, Communication and the Experimental Area are some of the main features of the curriculm. Furthermore, in the fourth school year the Interdiscipliary Project offers students the opportunity to engage in research-based activities.

The teaching of foreign languages is also another characterising feature of the school: German and English are compulsory subjects of all the four years of the curriculum, whereas French only in the first two. However, the study of the French language can then be taken forward in the third and fourth year as an optional subject.

The bilingual curricula (Italian-French and Italian-German), offered in the third and fourth year, are another opportunity to develop the students’ knowledge and skills in these foreign languages.

Among the various optional courses presented, there are other foreign languages like Spanish, which every year is attended by a good number of students, or Russian.

In the third and fourth years the students have the opportunity to shape their own curriculum according to their interests. For instance, the optional subject, which each students has to take, can be chosen among several courses in Communication, French, Mathematics Applied to Business Economics and Human sciences.

Moreover, in the fourth year the students get the chance to select among various research-based activities, which are comprised both in the Interdisciplinary Project and the subject-centred courses in Business Economics.

The SCC, together with the Specialized School of Business (SSECO), the Hotel and Tourism School (SSAT) and the courses for vocational training and further education (CCP) is part of the Cantonal Institute of Business and Economics (ICEC), founded in 1995 and located in the Stabile Torretta.

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